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Heart Hoof Care - Introduction

Updated: Apr 5

I began studying the hoof and hoof care when my horse, Talon, led me down a path requiring me to do so. I vividly remember what a struggle it was to even know where to start.  There is so much conflicting information and varying opinions among hoof care providers.

I decided to start by learning the anatomy and how the hoof grows from those internal structures.  I knew if I could understand the internal structures and how the hoof capsule grows from them I could start to form my own opinion.  This "Heart Hoof Care" Blog Series is a summary of what I learned during that first part of my hoof care journeyit’s a starting point for horse owners.

I continued my hoof care journey and developed the skills to evaluate and eventually trim my own horses’ hooves.  This is not something I ever dreamed of doing, but something I learned to do for the love of my horse.

As I developed a better understanding of the hoof and hoof care I realized how few horse owners have this knowledge and how vital it is for the sake of their horses.  

So, I created The "Heart Hoof Care Online Course" to teach owners the knowledge and tools to be able to confidently evaluate their horses’ hoof care.  My goal for this course is to raise the standard of hoof care for all horses by educating horse owners.  This online course is the perfect next step if you decide you want to continue on your own hoof care journey after reading this Blog Series.

I’m so glad you're here, and I hope the knowledge I share helps you help your horse.

I want to thank Cheryl Henderson, one of my hoof care mentors and the owner of the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care, for kindly giving me permission to use her amazing anatomical images to promote better hoof care. This educational blog series would not be possible without these images.

-  Jamie Stump


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Great work Jamie!

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