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Optimize your partnership through trust, communication, and movement.



Happy, Healthy Horses & Riders

Do you want a strong, trust-based partnership with your horse?


Do you get the feeling your horse's behavior is trying to tell you something?


Do you want to feel balanced and confident in the saddle?


Do you want to discover how to move together optimally with your horse?

Do you feel like your current approach isn't creating the type of relationship and connection you want with your horse?

Are you willing to work on yourself to hold up your half of the partnership?



What Will I Learn?

  • The importance of your horse's core-care and your own self-care in building a partnership

  • How practicing mindfulness and awareness allows you to step into your horse's world and the importance of this practice in building trust

  • How awareness of your own body is an essential part of communication with your horse and exercises to help you explore and improve your awareness, alignment, and balance

  • Basic Bodywork and how bodywork can be in the essence of everything you do with your horse


  • Basic Alignment & Balance Theory for the horse in a simple, fun, and easy to understand way


  • A systematic approach to communicating with your horse based on self-awareness and self-control


  • How to move together optimally with your horse

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Your Teacher:

Jamie Stump, creator of Heart Horsemanship, helps students around the globe rethink their horsemanship approach.

In her decades as a professional in the horse-business, she has been exposed to just about every approach to working with and caring for horses—learning the hard way, what is common is often not what is best.


Jamie shares her experience and knowledge in a way that encourages students to question their beliefs and come to their own conclusions—empowering them to do what is best for their horses.


Her empathetic, communication-based approach keeps the horses's well-being at the forefront and creates partnerships where ordinary horses and ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things, because they BELIEVE they can.

I've known Jamie for over 20 years. She is extremely knowledgeable about horse management, and is an excellent instructor, rider, and trainer. She also has an in-depth awareness of alignment from the hooves up. I can't recommend her highly enough, and anyone who works with her is very lucky indeed! There aren't very many horse folks with her wisdom, knowledge, education, and ability around these days.

Kim Walnes (Eventing Legend)

How It Works:

This course is broken down into easy to follow modules with each module building on previous modules

Modules include videos and handouts

You get LIFETIME access to all course materials!

The course can be accessed from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

What's Included:


LIFETIME ACCESS to course materials!

6 Months of Support

  • ​Monthly Q/A Support​

  • Unlimited Access to to reduced price coaching

  • BONUS: 2 FREE Virtual Coaching Sessions (must be used within 6 months)

Module 1

Big Picture, Self-Care, & Core Care

We’ll go over the big picture of the program and dive into the “care” that needs to be in place for horse and rider to get the most out of this program and be in an ideal state to begin building a partnership.


Module 2

Mindfulness & Awareness in Horsemanship

Mindfulness and awareness is essential to building a trust-based partnership—allowing you to notice the subtle communication from your horse in ordinary moments.  You'll learn how self-awareness and self-control is a form of communication while expanding your awareness and ability to regulate the energy of your emotions, vitality, and movement.

Module 3

Rider Position Parameters

Awareness of your own body is an essential part of communication with your horse.  When you ride, the alignment and balance of your body directly affects your horse's physical development.  This module will teach you the basic parameters of alignment and balance for the rider and is FULL of exercises to help you explore and improve your own alignment and balance.


Module 4

Basic Bodywork Routine + Basic Balance & Alignment Theory

You’ll learn the Basic Bodywork Routine to identify any areas of tension in your horse and help him release it—this introduction to bodywork will allow you to begin incorporating the essence of bodywork into everything you do with your horse. 


Then we’ll dive into learning the theory of Basic Balance & Alignment for horses in a simple, fun way 🙂

Module 5

Basic Communication

You’ll learn a systematic communication approach with the long-term goal of refining your communication in such a way you can eventually transcend the need for physical aids.  You’ll start integrating all the pieces you’ve learned as you begin communicating with your horse during ground and riding exercises.


Module 6

Movement Optimization

You’ll learn the variable inputs that affect your horse’s movement and how to use your awareness and communication skills to have conversations about them.  You’ll practice conversations about each input in isolation before putting it all together as you guide your horse in optimizing his movement and discover how to move optimally together.


The entire program with LIFETIME ACCESS to course materials is:

Option 1:  (3) installments of $257

Option 2: (6) installments of $130

or SAVE MORE with Option 3: one Payment of $697

(VERY Special Introductory Price - Program Contains Over $1000 in Value 😎)

Registration closes January 15th

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Build A Partnership that leaves YOU and YOUR HORSE feeling better and better as you build it together.


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