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Educate yourself for the love YOUR horse.

"This course is a compilation of all I learned when my own horse, Talon, led me down a path requiring me to improve my knowledge of hoof care.  I vividly remember what a struggle it was to even know where to start when I began studying hoof care.  As I developed a better understanding of the hoof and hoof care I realized how few horse owners have this knowledge and how vital it is for the sake of their horses.  This course is designed to fill this knowledge gap and eliminate the struggle of figuring out where to start." - Jamie Stump

A course your horse wants you to take.

This information is for ALL horse owners.

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Do you want a solid basis of knowledge, so you can form your own opinion regarding your horse’s hoof care?


Do you wish you had a better understanding of what your vet or farrier are telling you about your horse’s hooves? Or wish you could better articulate what you are noticing regarding your horse’s hooves?


Do you feel like something is off with your horse and it might be related to hoof care?


Are you tired of being told your horse just has bad feet?



What Will I Learn?

  • Basic Hoof Anatomy & Terminology

  • How the Hoof Grows

  • Ideal Hoof Characteristics

  • Common Hoof Problems & Causes

  • Methods to Evaluate Your Own Horse's Hooves


How It Works:

This course is broken down into easy to follow modules with each module building on previous modules

Modules include videos, handouts, and worksheets

You get LIFETIME access to all course materials!

The course can be accessed from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Module 1

Build A Hoof:  Basic Hoof Anatomy & Terminology

Discover how the exterior of the hoof grows from the internal structures as we build an imaginary hoof piece by piece.  When you understand how the hoof grows you can understand how and why things can go wrong!

Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 10.44.38 PM.png

Module 2

The "Perfect" Hoof:  Key Characteristics of an Ideal Hoof  

You now have an understanding of the internal structures.  Here we learn to use the internal structures as a blueprint showing us the key characteristics of an ideal hoof.  When you know the ideal characteristics you will be able to identify when growth deviates from ideal!

Module 3

When Things Go Wrong:  Deviations from the Ideal 

You now understand how the hoof grows from internal structures and how the internal structures provide the blueprint of an ideal hoof.  Now we dive into identifying and understanding the most common hoof problems.  Through your understanding of how the hoof grows you will understand why they occur.

Module 3 Photo.png

Module 4

Evaluating Your Own Horse's Hooves

It's time to put your new knowledge to work!  I will guide you step-by-step as you use your new understanding of the hoof to evaluate your own horse's hooves.

Student Comments

"Best hoof course out there!!! This is absolutely everything you will ever need to know about your horses feet, from the inside out.  Jamie, a former engineer turned heart centered horse trainer, has created a visually accurate and organized course, where each module builds on the last, and your knowledge is re-confirmed by handouts and worksheets so even a total beginner who knows nothing about horses hooves can understand and apply this knowledge. I have taken many online courses on many subjects but this one is hands down the most bang for your buck on every level.  I cannot highly recommend this enough. Do your horse a favor and learn how their feet are supposed to function-they will be forever grateful. I have six horses that I currently trim myself and all have greatly improved feet thanks to this course. These 6 include a formerly foundered horse, a negative Palmer angle horse, and multiple crushed heels and long toes are all GONE!!!!  My horses have never moved better thanks to Jamie." 

"Just module one alone is worth the price of the course!"​

"I am only a third of the way through module one and all I can say is wow!! Holy over delivery!!!!!"

"This is great stuff.  Great for people like me who want to know all this, but don’t have 1000 hours to look up all of this information."

"I think this course is a must have for all horse owners."

"I knew Jamie had accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how hoof care relates to soundness, so when she offered this course, I knew it would be excellent. And it is! I highly recommend it."

"This is the best course ever. Seriously, it’s worth so much more than she’s charging! Do your horse and yourself a major favor on the road to creating a more healthy partnership—they will thank you for this!!!! It literally changed my life."


The entire course with LIFETIME ACCESS is $197

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