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"This is the second-level course in my Online Hoof Care Education Series for horse owners; students are eligible to enroll after completing the foundational Heart Hoof Care Online Course.  I designed this course for students interested in learning more about the trimming process and how the knowledge in the foundational course can be used to guide the trimming process to ensure the trim results in a hoof capsule matching the internal structures.  It's the perfect place to start for horse owners considering trimming their own horses." - Jamie Stevenson

Do you want to better understand the trimming process?


Are you considering learning to trim your own horses?


Have you become a hoof nerd...?!? 😀


Heart Horse

Who can take this course?

This course is open to all students who have completed the foundational Heart Hoof Care Online Course and want to continue deepening their understanding of hoof care.

Module 1

Trimming Tools

Jamie takes you on a tour of her trimming toolbox!  Here you will learn all about the various tools used for trimming. 

Screenshot 2021-06-03 5.54.48 PM.png

Module 2

Practice & Preparation 

Now that you know the tools for trimming, we'll do some exercises to practice tool handling and techniques.  These exercises will help you develop skill and accuracy with the tools without the need for a horse! 

Module 3

Exploring The Trimming Process Using Models

You now know the tools used for trimming and have practiced handling them, so now we'll use models to help you better visualize and understand how the tools and techniques are used during the trimming process to keep the hoof capsule matching the internal structures.


Module 4

Trimming Demonstration

Now we will watch Jamie demonstrate her trimming process on a real hoof!  Here you will see how she uses the tools and techniques you have been learning about and practicing in the previous modules during a real trim.

Module 5

Ingredients for Success!

The quality of the trim is essential in successfully rehabbing a hoof or transitioning to barefoot, but there are other ingredients which affect the process.  In this Module, Jamie will discuss these other ingredients to support you in setting your horse up for success!  

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