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Heart Horsemanship


Monthly Membership Program

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ENJOY the Journey.  

LOVE your Horse.

ELEVATE your Horsemanship.

"I designed this program to help all levels of students stay motivated, work through any blocks, gain confidence, and dramatically improve their relationships with their horses.  Each month I share my philosophies, perspective, and methods on all things horsemanship.  This program supports students in developing the knowledge, mindset, and habits needed to ELEVATE their horsemanship skills." - Jamie Stevenson  


Open to ALL heart-centered horse LOVERS

Let Jamie Help You:

Learn what your horse's behavior is trying to communicate.


Come up with exercises and resources.


Learn tools and methods to identify and address the root causes of physical or mental issues.

Build a harmonious, trust-based partnership with your horse.

Develop the mindset and habits needed to elevate your horsemanship skills.

Improve your focus, motivation, and confidence.

What is it?...

Each Month You Receive:

  • 1 Hour of Videos

    • Example Topics Include:​

      • Methods & Exercises

      • Communication & Connection

      • Care & Lifestyle

      • Habits, Mindset, & Motivation

      • Theory & Discussion

      • Answers to Common Student Questions

Heart Horse

Get the support of this heart-centered community now, just $30/month.

Your First Month is FREE.

Cancel anytime.

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